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The product of a long passion for Paintball and the creative need to transform ideas into products that amplify the gaming experience.


André Faria

Some of you might know from the ground work with Paintugal Association in Portugal, or maybe in some international events as proud captain of the C.E.P. Paintugal National Team, or even as a normal paintballer that loves a good gaming experience, specially those after-game moments with new and old friends, essentially to fill the soul with the sum of all these moments!

Amplify your Magfed Paintball gaming experience



They are mainly made with ASA polymer, perfect for outdoors and paintball abuse because it can retain it’s colour and mechanical properties of high impact resistance even after prolonged outdoor exposure, exhibiting a greater resistance to environmental stress cracking and UV radiation.



We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.



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What are you seeing? 

Just 2 test pieces of ASA Polymer inside a car, in the mild spring sun, making it reach up to 60 degrees celsius.

Why is this important? 

Designing products taking in consideration its usage is key for success, but also the elements it will face. 

Back when I started in 2019 I had to study all the polymers available and test them in order to make a calculated decision on what would be the best polymer for my customers... and ASA it was!!!

So, what is ASA?

Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) is a thermoplastic polymer popular for its impressive ability to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh elements.

ASA is a solution to the limitations found in ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). ASA offers both UV stability and weather resistance without compromising it’s strength, nor its aesthetic value.

Properties of ASA:

Excellent weather resistance: ASA effectively resists the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, allowing it to retain color and mechanical properties over extended periods of sunlight exposure, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

Extreme Weather resistance: Beyond UV resistance, ASA exhibits excellent resistance to rain, snow, and temperature extremes, making it a preferred choice for outdoor applications.

Hardness and impact resistance: The plastic is hard and exhibits high impact resistance, making it robust and durable, suitable for demanding applications.	

Why do we use ASA Polymer in all our products?

Due to all these properties and characteristics, ASA is in particular the solution for outdoor applications that require good mechanical resistance in addition to weather resistance. 

Unlike other polymers, ASA maintains its color and impact resistance even after years of outdoor exposure.


These 2 little thin pieces were left to bake in the sun for 2 hours inside the car, ending up as they were in the start, rock hard, keeping it's shape with the high temperature, and confirming the trust in the decision made 5 years ago!!!
New base color available, a fantastic matte OD Green in the same  ASA polymer, with high impact and UV degradation resistance.

Tag your Paintball magazines with your call sign, team name or even brand, in a colorfull way.

Lynx Tactical Gear supports up to 14 different magazine models, so you got plenty to choose from. 

Check them at https://lynxtacticalgear.com

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Family bushcraft weekend was a blast.
Tons of new skills and information to absorb, practice, and achieve the reward of success.
Awesome core memories created here, with @escoladomato in @sesimbranaturapark
The LMT Lynx Mag Tag is an awesome way to show off your team name or brand in your paintball magazines and helpful to not lose them in the field.

Made with strong and durable ASA polymer, perfect for outdoors and paintball abuse.

You can purchase 6 LMT units (or 3 units for the Carmatech LMT’s) for 14 different magazine models:

DAM (Dye)
FID (Flint Instrument Design)
FSv1 (FS)
FSv2 (FS)
TMC (Tippmann)
CF20 (Planet Eclipse)
Helix (MCS)
Grizen (Milsig)
Hybrid (Milsig/Valken)
Hammer 7 (Spyder)
TGR2 (Maxtact)
BlackJack (Carmatech)
SARX (Carmatech)
AK20 (Hard Style Paintball)

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