Lynx Tactical Gear aims to create and provide the best products for the combat sports users, by:


My name is André Faria and I’m on the navigation wheel of this endeavor.

Some of you might know from the ground work with Paintugal Association in Portugal, or maybe in some international events as proud captain of the C.E.P. Paintugal National Team, or even as a normal paintballer that loves a good gaming experience, specially those after-game moments with new and old friends, essentially to fill the soul with the sum of all these moments!

My debut in Paintball was sponsored by my brother back in 2002, in one of those radical weekends with multiple activities like bow shooting, rappel, sliding cable and Paintball. As soon as the game begun, it was a Hulk transformation moment, I absolutely loved the game!

Funny side note, after my first game ended, we had to switch activities with the other group and do mountain bike riding, but I stayed there gripping my marker, begging for someone who didn’t want to play Paintball to prevent the switch… someone agreed with me and there I went for the 2nd round of that is still today, my favorite sport.

On the worldwide Paintball sport panorama, in 2004 I started as the founder and 1st president of Paintugal Association, a nonprofit organization in Portugal. I can highlight the work as project manager of several national and international events, implementing regulations, insurance and protocols, representing the sport in the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, for consultancy for the amendments to the gun law. I was also one of the founders of “Big Game Alliance, an Alliance between Paintball event organizers in Europe, with partners in France and United Kingdom.

On the field, I’m one of the founders and team captain of the union of players that represent Portugal in international events, “C.E.P. Paintugal”, the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps of Paintugal Association.

This allowed me to win hundreds of friends since 2006, witness different realities and players needs, land foot on international events in U.K., France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Brazil. As a cherry on top of the cake, I was invited twice to be general at “Euro vs” at Warped North vs South and once in “Tippmann Challenge 2013”.

Domestically, I’m president and team captain of “Bando de Irmãos Paintball Clube”, not only playing the National events but also organizing Big-Games, Milsim and LARP events since 2004.

Throughout the years I was a reporter of all of what was happening in the Portugal regarding Recreational Paintball and Big Games, for several national and international Paintball magazines like “Portal Paintball”, “Revista Paintball”, “Jungle”, “Paintball X3”, and lastly as responsible for the Recreational Paintball section in the European magazine “GRIP”.

Last but not least, my innovator and entrepreneur mindset got me here to build solutions out of my passion for the sport, and the awareness of the player needs, culminating in a huge satisfaction and joy to be able to share the end result with you.


Lynx Tactical Gear is the product of a personal long passion for Paintball and the creative need to transform ideas into products that do solve players issues, or bring that fresh and practical add-on to the gaming experience.

Our production relies in 3D print technology for it’s reliability, end product quality, and agility by accepting a very wide range of filament types.

Some of the best filaments in the market are use to be a perfect match for Paintball use, for it’s durability, rigidity and resistance to the outdoors.

This allows us to prototype faster, test sooner and deliver with confidence. Know more about out manufacturing processes here.


Lynx Tactical Gear aims to create and provide the best products for the combat sports user


We build products using 3D print manufacturing with FDM technology


A problem triggers several ideas, but while some are dead on it’s birth, others keep the painfully journey from idealization to conception.


We aim for the visual quality of the end result, but also ensure it’s structural robust to be able to endure it’s use on a game field.


The whole process can take 6 to 8 months, in order to prevent flaws, but also to avoid launching several versions along the year.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.


“Our paintball team has collaborated with Andre for so many years now. We have always been his go-to team in product-sampling and field-testing for his projects. And once out for retail, we use his products out on the field, raffles and giveaways to promote our team page, and even market it on our experiences/events.
Andre puts a lot of thought in his innovations, creating products with the average paintball player in mind: effective, easy-to-use, durable, portable, but without breaking the bank. After all, he is an avid paintball player himself. His customer service is impeccable; always available, ready to answer questions, and is open to feedback and suggestions. He stands by his products; guaranteeing his customers that it will do what it is meant to do, endure the harshest beating, and provide long-lasting usage so the player can enjoy more of the game rather than the bench.”

Jay Garcia, Hostile Tribe

“Having worked and cooperated with André Faria in several Paintball context projects for many years now, I am 100% sure that this new project is going be very successful. Having shared and discussed a humongous amount of ideas and projects with him I know that his focus is to deliver to all types of paintball players, Rookie or not, the most practical, adaptable, easy to operate, resistant and efficient equipment. Also as a tester, I can say that I was amazed with the immediate, out of the box, although prototype, quality of the pieces of equipment he asked me to test. For sure i will be one of his main customers.”

“André is a known paintball player in Portugal and abroad, and a founding member of one of the oldest paintball teams in Portugal. The love and interest he has by Paintball has made him one of the drivers to the creation of Paintugal, Associação Portuguesa de Paintball recreativo, being also one of the founding members.
Since I know André I recognize his organisational and leadership skills, making all the projects in which he is involved, projects with a successful end. Having worked together with him in organizing various events of some size allows me to correctly assess is capabilities.
His knowledge and interest in paintball makes the products idealized and created by him to be suited to the real need of the player and with great quality.
Having accompanied the project and its products from the beginning, I consider that these have come to fill market gaps and serve the paintball player.
I think that the project will be a success and recommend its products.”

Best of luck to Lynx Tactical Gear on the new venture. If the new products being developed by Andre and the team are as good as the previous projects and products we have seen, we are in for a treat of future custom tactical gear!

Jim Frensham, Warped Sports

“I first started using Andre’s former company kits 3 years ago, I found the unique ergonomic design comfortable and practical, Combined with excellent durability it was a perfect addition to my paintball set-up.”

Robert Daniels, Universal Exports

“High quality and highly resistant 3D printing parts, with attention to the minimal detail, great support and feedback response. I definitely recommend it.”

Frederico Costa, Deep Blue Core