Who is behind Lynx Tactical Gear?

My name is André Faria and I’m on the navigation wheel of this endeavour called Lynx Tactical Gear.

Some of you might know from the ground work with Paintugal Association in Portugal, or maybe in some international events as proud captain of the C.E.P. Paintugal National Team, or even as a normal paintballer that loves a good gaming experience, specially those after-game moments with new and old friends, essentially to fill the soul with the sum of all these moments!

My debut in Paintball was sponsored by my brother back in 2002, in one of those adventure weekends with multiple activities like bow shooting, rappel, sliding cable and Paintball. As soon as the game begun, it was a Hulk transformation moment, I absolutely loved the game!

Funny side note, after my first game ended, we had to switch activities with the other group and do mountain bike riding, but I stayed there gripping my marker, begging for someone who didn’t want to play Paintball to prevent the switch… someone agreed with me and there I went for the 2nd round of that is still today, my favourite sport.

Organizing events in Paintugal Association

On the worldwide Paintball sport panorama, in 2004 I started as the founder and 1st president of Paintugal Association, a nonprofit association that promotes the sport in Portugal.

I can highlight the work as project manager of several national and international events, implementing regulations, insurance and protocols, representing the sport in the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, for consultancy for the amendments to the gun law.

I was also one of the founders of “Big Game Alliance, an Alliance between Paintball event organizers in Europe, with partners in France and United Kingdom.

On the field, I’m one of the founders and team captain of the union of players that represent Portugal in international events, “C.E.P. Paintugal”, the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps of Paintugal Association.

This allowed me to win hundreds of friends since 2006, witness different realities and players needs, land foot on international events in U.K., France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Brazil.

As a cherry on top of the cake, I was invited twice to be general at “Euro vs” at Warped North vs South and once in “Tippmann Challenge UK 2013”.

C.E.P. Paintugal Paintball Player

Domestically, I’m president and team captain of “Bando de Irmãos Paintball Clube”, not only playing the National Big Games and Milsim events but also organizing Big-Games, Milsim and LARP events since 2004.

It is with great honour and pride that we also co-organized several events with fantastic National and International teams in mind blowing venues in Portugal.

Bando de Irmãos Paintball Team

Throughout the years I was a reporter of all of what was happening in the Portugal regarding Recreational Paintball and Big Games, for several national and international Paintball magazines like:

Lastly as responsible for the Recreational Paintball section in the European magazine “GRIP“.

Paintball Media Work

Last but not least, my innovator and entrepreneur mindset got me here to build solutions out of my passion for the sport and the awareness of the player needs, culminating in a huge satisfaction to be able to share the end result with you, through Lynx Tactical Gear brand!