Pardinus Kit

The Pardinus kit is composed of several futuristic design add-ons, for the Planet Eclipse MG100/EMF100, produced with very resistant ASA polymer.

  • Pardinus Handguard

  • Pardinus Angled Grip

Tag It

An awesome way to show off your team name or brand in your paintball magazines or marker rails. Made with durable ASA polymer and hand painted with a tested paint, a perfect blend for outdoors and paintball abuse.

Butt Stocks

Designed for the 13ci compressed air tanks, these light butt stocks are made out of ASA polymer, very resistant and perfect for outdoor use.

  • LBS2

  • LBS


Lynx Merchandise for the hardcore fans and supporters of this endeavor, with specialized articles with the ecology and sustainability in mind.

  • Lynx Hoodie